4 month old baby boy diagnosed with Biliary Atresia

About Me.

My name is Iñigo Revilla and I was born in Manila, Philippines. I am currently 4 months old.

On December 2014, I had surgery to remove a choledochal cyst. However, it turns out it wasn't a cyst that was affecting me. They performed a biliary exploration and liver biopsy. I was diagnosed with Billiary Atresia.

Billiary Atresia is a rare life threatening disease -- 1/18000 cases on average. My bile duct is dysfunctional and since the bile duct isn't working properly, bile is accumulated. The build up of bile rapidly destroys liver cells and causes scarring. Eventually, my liver will fail if it's not taken care of.

Expert surgeons in the Philippines will perform a liver transplant. Due to lack of infant donours, a portion of a family member's liver will be extracted and transplanted into me. The surgery costs about 4.4 million Pesos. Approximately $115,000 in CAD. It's a lot.. and even though my family is working hard to attain this amount, they can only earn so much.

And this is why I need your help. I believe that we can get through this together. Please help me overcome this! :)

Kindly, spread the word!

Spread the word!

Thank You!  -  John 3:16  -  2015  

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